What the Full Moon in Libra March 2024 Means for You

What the Full Moon in Libra March 2024 Means for You

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This March brings us the power of a full Moon in Libra combined with a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is essentially a super-charged full Moon and it can feel intense, stirring up emotions and memories from the past and making you feel as though you’re reliving events, especially those from the past six months. But because lunar eclipses always coincide with full Moons, which are a time of healing and forgiveness, they can bring about transformation by helping you release the past.

When is the Full Moon in March 2024?

The full Moon in Libra and lunar eclipse will take place on March 24, 2024. The lunar eclipse will be visible across much of North and South America and will begin at 9:53 pm. PT. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 12:12 a.m. PT on March 25, 2024, and conclude at 2:32 a.m. PT.

Adjust these times to your location and step outside to observe this penumbral eclipse, which means the Earth’s shadow will be cast on part of the Moon. This eclipse will result not in a red Moon but rather a faint grey shadow.

The penumbral lunar eclipse of the full Moon in Libra on March 25, 2024.
A penumbral lunar eclipse is more subtle than other eclipses and can even go unnoticed by sight, although you will feel its reverberations in your emotional life. (Photo: VCG | Getty)

What Does a Lunar Eclipse Mean in Astrology?

Eclipses bring us significant periods of change and transformation. These shifts do not take place all at once. They may begin on or around an eclipse, though their work continues throughout the period that eclipses are occurring in the same set of signs.

This full Moon in Libra and lunar eclipse are part of eclipse season, which occurs twice a year. Each season brings us two or sometimes three eclipses. This lunar eclipse is connected with the total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, 2024. The events that occur on this eclipse can be a continuation of what began on the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th, 2023. The energy of this eclipse may also continue until the solar eclipse in Libra this year on October 2, 2024.

A solar eclipse opens the portal for new beginnings and change, whereas a lunar eclipse reveals energies that help us complete a journey or shift our course in some way. Lunar eclipses are also much more emotionally charged than solar eclipses. Because they relate to the Moon, they are more feminine in nature and affect the emotional body to a greater degree. They help us feel our intuition and honor the knowledge we hold. We may not always follow this knowledge, but it’s there, attempting to guide us.

A lunar eclipse is an opportunity to create significant change in your life. Lunar eclipses, like full Moons, are revealing. They expose the truth in an often dramatic way and let you learn things that change your life course. This change may come about abruptly, as lunar eclipses tend to bring information to you from out of the blue. You may find yourself feeling surprised or caught off guard at some of the things you learn about others and yourself over a lunar eclipse.

A diagram of how eclipse season 2023 works with a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in relation to the placement of the Sun, Moon, and Earth
The “Eclipse of Moon” illustration in the upper left corner demonstrates the position of the Moon during the upcoming full Moon in Libra and its lunar eclipse. (Illustration: mikroman6 | Getty )

Accept what is revealed on a lunar eclipse. You cannot fight this knowledge; you can only take it in and ask yourself what is the highest manifestation you can create with this energy. Even if you are brought unwanted news or unexpected events, know that these detours will ultimately be the best course of action for your evolution. Open yourself to the information and trust that this is landing in your life at the exact moment you need it.

It’s also important to understand that a lunar eclipse is an energetic push from the cosmos to take you out of stagnant energies and old patterns. Sometimes this forward motion can feel disruptive to your nervous system and you may resist it initially. There is no moving backward on the lunar eclipse. If you attempt to cling to energies that no longer serve your evolution, you will only be met with frustration and misalignment. If the lunar eclipse reveals something in your life that needs to be released, find the least dramatic way to do so and move on.

The lunar eclipse and the month that follows it are an opportunity to detach from energies, emotions, and even people who do not serve your evolution. These changes can feel uncomfortable and as if you’ve broken through a wall built between you and your highest visions. Eclipses are the time to break through the barriers, in whatever form they take, that prevent you from reaching your potential.

Hold space for yourself and give yourself time to process the information revealed on the eclipse. Do not rush into any decisions, but rather let the energy settle and then make whatever moves are needed to propel you forward.

What the Full Moon in Libra and Lunar Eclipse Mean for You

This lunar eclipse is themed by the vibrations of Libra. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra reminds us to connect with what we love in life. Libra helps us connect with our hearts and communicate with others from this place. In its highest energy, Libra gives us patience, compassion, and the willingness to understand other people’s perspectives.

However, staying within the higher vibration of love is not always possible; we are affected by many things within and around us, including the people we interact with each day. We naturally absorb other people’s energy, especially in intimate relationships. We take on their energy, emotions, and even thoughts, becoming like the people we surround ourselves with because energy is contagious. For example, you may be in a good mood, but after encountering someone in a lower vibration who complains a lot, you find yourself in a lower frequency too. Boundaries help us maintain the vibration we want to experience instead of absorbing someone else’s.

Creating strong boundaries is essential. When we lack healthy boundaries, the world pulls at our energy from different directions, causing emotional instability, scattered thoughts, and difficulty focusing. With boundaries in place, we can focus clearly on what’s important and limit distractions in life. However, boundaries require balance. We need just enough to protect our energy but not so many that we isolate ourselves from people who add value to our lives.

This eclipse is an opportunity to assess all your relationships and the boundaries within them. As you move through this eclipse, center yourself and recognize your wholeness without anyone else. Then, examine the connections in your life: which ones nourish you and which ones drain you? Where do you need more balance and where do you need more boundaries? Relationships evolve over time, so what once worked well may need some repair.

When assessing your relationships, align with the Sun in Aries to feel the truth of your soul and consider what it needs from others. Evaluate how your relationships support your life and where you may compromise your needs for others’ happiness. Ideally, both parties in a relationship can coexist and share a life while staying aligned with their individual paths.

This coexistence can be challenging, as both parties have needs and priorities. Decide what you cannot negotiate on in a relationship without betraying yourself, and where you can compromise and loosen boundaries. Then, evaluate which relationships can support these decisions and which cannot. If any relationship feels unsupportive or contradictory during this full Moon in Libra, now is the time to adjust or release it.

Acknowledge where forgiveness is needed in your relationships. Notice where you may hold onto resentment from past issues and where healing is required. Relationships require maintenance and repair at times, and this eclipse offers an opportunity for forgiveness and healing. Is there someone you need to forgive or a past event you need to make peace with to allow the relationship to evolve? Perhaps you need to forgive yourself.

Also, as you sit with the light of the full Moon in Libra, decide which relationships are ready for release and what you need to let them go. When releasing relationships, honor what they taught you and the experiences you shared.

Zodiac wheel featuring all 12 astrological signs including the axis along which opposite signs and modalities fall
Aries and Libra fall opposite one another in their placement on the zodiac wheel. This places them on the same axis, with opposing characteristics yet similar underlying themes. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

What the Aries-Libra Axis Means During This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

On this eclipse, we work with the energy of both Aries and Libra, which form an axis of energy. The Moon and South Node are in Libra, while the Sun and North Node are in Aries. The opportunity lies in releasing the lower vibrations associated with each sign and integrating the higher ones. By embodying the higher vibrations of opposing signs, we attain an elevated vibration that surpasses their individual qualities.

Aries encourages us to embrace boldness and decisiveness, trust our instincts, and take swift action. It reminds us of our inherent power to overcome any obstacles or challenges that come our way. Aries emphasizes self-reliance, highlighting that we possess everything we need within ourselves.

On the other hand, Libra teaches us that while our life’s mission holds significance, prioritizing inner peace and harmony surpasses all else. When we are energetically balanced, our vision becomes clear, and we can discern the next steps on our path. Even in the face of adversity, we possess the knowledge of how to navigate through it. A true warrior remains calm amidst the chaos of battle.

Libra also teaches us that our path is sweeter when shared with another. The challenge lies in remaining true to our own journey while supporting the unique path of our partner. When in any kind of partnership, it is easy to veer off our own path and onto theirs, and vice versa. Both individuals must possess awareness to not only stay true to their individual purposes but also nurture each other’s life missions. To maintain a fully committed relationship, though, compromises are often necessary. It is crucial to discern what aspects are negotiable and which are non-negotiable.

As you engage with this eclipse, pay attention to any lower vibrations of either Aries or Libra that may manifest. Once we are free from these shadows, we can fully integrate the highest vibrations of Libra and Aries.

A line drawing of the astrological sign of Libra along with its glyph and its constellation.
The constant seeking of balance can cause Libra to fall into patterned behaviors of indecision and passive aggressiveness that can cause friction in their personal and work relationships. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

Libra has two main shadow sides: indecision and passive aggressiveness. Libra perceives the world as a collection of interconnected parts, all of which are considered equal. While this perspective is aesthetically pleasing, it can lead to indecision because all choices appear equally valid. Indecision, in turn, can generate anxiety as we are aware that time is limited, and failing to make choices can impede our personal growth and life’s journey. This anxiety erodes our inner peace, disrupts our well-being, and complicates our relationships until we take the initiative to make decisions and move forward once again.

At its lowest point, indecision may cause us to follow someone else’s choices, only to realize later that we are unhappy and need to realign ourselves with our own path. Some relationships can withstand this readjustment, while others may fracture under the strain and redirection of energy.

Libra’s other low side, characterized by passive aggressiveness, can lead to manipulative behavior as we attempt to control situations without clearly expressing our needs. When we align with this aspect of Libra, we may exhibit stubbornness, procrastination, or avoidance of people. We may engage in unnecessary games and drama because we fear expressing our true feelings.

In some cases, our relationships may not provide a safe space for us to share our emotions, necessitating adjustments or release. Alternatively, we may have never learned how to effectively communicate our needs, resorting to manipulation as the only means to acquire the support and energy we require. We must honestly and compassionately examine how we rely on passive tendencies to gain support or energy from others. Shifting these behaviors entails becoming comfortable with asking for what we need. The more we can assert our truth firmly yet non-aggressively, the stronger our partnerships will become.

It may take time, but we can all learn to express our needs assertively and receive what we deserve from others. Similarly, we can learn to contribute energy to our relationships, ensuring that the other person feels their needs are met and their dreams are nurtured. However, it is crucial to recognize that our primary source of energy comes from within ourselves and our connection with the universe. The energy we receive from others should not be relied upon to sustain us or deplete them, and vice versa. In a truly high-vibrational relationship, both individuals are abundant with energy and freely give and receive frequencies from one another. This creates a beautiful cycle of reciprocity where both people are connected to themselves, their purpose, and each other.

A line drawing of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represented by a ram and signifying determination
Aries can become so focused on their own desired outcomes that their behavior becomes dismissive and disregarding of others. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

During this eclipse, it is also important to examine the lower aspects of Aries, such as selfishness and aggressiveness. Aries’ lower vibrations can lead us to act impulsively, solely relying on instinct without considering others in our decisions. The lowest side of Aries is characterized by pure selfishness, where we prioritize our own needs at the expense of others and neglect the importance of empathy. We view the world solely through our own perspective and resist understanding it from someone else’s point of view. This behavior can bulldoze our partners, disregarding their input and leaving them feeling unheard and disrespected. It is akin to a bull in a china shop, causing emotional turmoil wherever we go.

Aries’s other low vibration is aggressiveness with controlling behavior. When we align with this side, we become demanding, bossy, and overly assertive. We intimidate others by yelling or asserting our power in a dominating way. This low side of Aries stems from our own internal conflict. When we are at war with ourselves, we project this aggression onto others and start unnecessary battles. We seek to win to make ourselves feel better, but what we really need is to resolve our internal issues, triggers, and pain before engaging with another. We need to ask ourselves what the anger is a reaction to. What is the underlying emotion? And what needs to be healed?

If we look at the spectrum of energy involved in this eclipse, on one end, we have aggression and control. On the other end, we have passivity and indecision. None are beneficial in the realm of relationships. Think over your actions in partnerships. Do you recognize any of these patterns in yourself? Know that it’s okay if you do. You always have the opportunity to shift these vibrations. Have compassion for yourself first, and know that the full Moon in Libra’s work is to bring these shadows to light. Find the root of these behaviors and shift them into the higher vibrations each sign brings us. The most challenging step of any change is awareness.

A line drawing of the astrological sign of Aquarius along with its glyph and its constellation.
The quiet strength of Pluto in Aquarius supports aligning with your truth during the lunar eclipse. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

Other Astrological Influences on the Full Moon in Libra and Lunar Eclipse

This eclipse also interacts with Pluto in Aquarius. The Sun forms a sextile aspect with Pluto, while the full Moon in Libra trines it. Pluto brings forth energies of healing, personal power, and the recurring cycles of our lives. This planet aids in understanding our past pain and how it may be disempowering us. It reveals what aspects of our past may be constraining us or holding us back, and then offers steps to reclaim our power through healing.

Pluto in Aquarius also highlights that our uniqueness is our strength. Notice if you’re compromising your authenticity within a relationship or if you’re refraining from embracing your truth out of fear of losing someone. Being true to yourself is the most potent power you possess. Align with your truth and authentic vibration during this eclipse, and stand firmly by it. If any relationship undermines this authenticity, carefully evaluate it and consider whether adjustments are necessary.

The energy of Pluto in Aquarius urges you to seek relationships that honor who you are without diluting it. Remember, when each of us aligns with our purpose and unique brilliance, the entire world benefits. Your relationships need to nurture your authenticity and serve as a supportive container for your growth.

Your Invitation

There are many intense vibrations streaming through the cosmos right now, so it’s crucial to have boundaries in place to protect your energy. Practice the art of saying no during this lunar eclipse. Notice where you tend to people-please and ask yourself why. Also, pay attention to where you might be suppressing your truth in order to prioritize or protect someone else. Instead, prioritize yourself with boundaries that serve your intentions, needs, and passions.

These boundaries aren’t meant to be harsh toward others; rather, they help you connect on a more authentic vibration with them. Without boundaries, we may find ourselves saying yes when we mean no or prioritizing others’ needs over our own, leading to resentment, disconnection, and even passive aggressiveness. Additionally, a lack of boundaries can make you feel annoyed most of the time and quick to anger, as anger often signifies that your boundaries are being invaded. As you move through this eclipse, become aware of whether you need more boundaries between yourself and others.

The Libra eclipses—including the current one and the one next fall—offer opportunities to release indecisiveness and passive aggressiveness. It’s time to stand firmly in our truth instead of avoiding it due to fear of confrontation. This full Moon in Libra calls for decisive action, even if it means facing disapproval from others.

Learn more about the full Moon in Libra and lunar eclipse, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Libra Lunar Eclipse Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

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