Adjoah Andoh, Yoga Nidra, and Teaching Yoga

Adjoah Andoh, Yoga Nidra, and Teaching Yoga

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Each week, the editors at Yoga Journal compile moments—sometimes mind-bending, sometimes simple—that remind us yoga is, in fact, everywhere.


Even actors get rattled by anxiousness. “You’re always thinking: why am I here, I shouldn’t be doing this, this is going to be embarrassing,” explains Adjoah Andoh, who plays Bridgerton’s Lady Danbury, in an article in The Guardian on the secrets of stage actors.

One of those secrets is…yoga. Andoh recalled showing up to rehearsal for a theatre production years ago and learning everyone would be spending some time practicing poses before practicing lines. “We did yoga every morning before we started rehearsing. To begin with I was rolling my eyes to the ceiling, but by the end I just loved it.”

Adjoah Andoh at an event before she revealed she had to practice yoga before rehearsals for a theatre production
                   Bridgerton star and stage actor Adjoah Andoh was once forced to practice yoga as part of rehearsal. (Photo: Scott Garfitt | Getty)


“I look forward to your class all week. It’s like chocolate cake! I just thought you should know.”


There’s rest and then there’s restoration. In perhaps the most mindful form of multitasking, yoga nidra delivers both. The ancient practice has remained the darling of neuroplasticity researchers in recent years as science continues to explore exactly how the not-quite-sleeping, not-quite-meditation experience evokes physiological and psychological benefits to those who fall under its spell, which neurobiologist Andrew Huberman has explained in numerous podcast interviews.

In the meantime, yoga teachers, podcasters, and YouTubers continue to talk about it, and we continue to practice it. Specifically, we turn to this yoga nidra video from UK-based teacher Lizzy Hall, which drew its 12 millionth view this week.

Woman lying in bed with her phone searching for a yoga nidra YouTube video
Thousands have been soothed by the most popular yoga nidra video on YouTube. (Photo: Antonio Hugo Photo | Getty)


“Teaching is different than leading class. Both serve a purpose, but if you are really trying to teach you gotta be willing to slow the pace, let the information settle in and be ok sitting in these slower teachable moments. Especially with props and modified poses.” —Calvin Corzine, LA-based yoga teacher and partner of CAMP, via Instagram


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