What Cancer Season 2024 Means for You

What Cancer Season 2024 Means for You
What Cancer Season 2024 Means for You

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Welcome to Cancer season, a sanctuary of emotion and intuition, sensitivity and belonging. It’s an internally focused season, a private time to explore what exists within you and what matters to you. Cancer season is an invitation to come home—to yourself, your heart, your body, your loved ones, and what matters—by letting your emotions whisper to and guide you toward meaningful change.

When Does Cancer Season Begin?

The Sun shifts from Gemini and into Cancer on June 20, 2024, beginning Cancer season.

What Cancer Season Means in Astrology

As the Sun shifts into Cancer, it also shifts our awareness from the intellect into the heart, from the mind into the body. The very same body that holds emotions and experiences as memories within it. The body that holds both vast wisdom and stored hurts.The body that intuits and reads energy as if it were a tuning fork of our environs.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which mirrors our ever-changing emotional landscape. It’s a space of feeling. Of stripping away the noise so that we may hear the quiet whispers of our own knowing. Of replenishing the ever-moving currents within and exploring the depths of our emotional experience. Cancer season is an invitation to tend to ourselves, to become both mother and child archetype, to both offer and receive the medicine that we are craving.

Zodiac wheel featuring all 12 astrological signs including the axis along which opposite signs and modalities fall
The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer introduces us to the water element and an emotional awareness unlike any of the other elements. (Illustration: Veronika Oliinyk | Getty)

A cardinal sign, Cancer initiates a new chapter in the wheel of the zodiac and the seasons of the year. Beginning on the summer solstice, Cancer season ushers us into this second half of the year and a new season of the Earth. It is a day of receptivity and blessings as the Sun stands still for a moment in our cosmos.

Cancer is intrinsically linked to the past, although its new beginnings are birthed from presence with what exists in our emotional bodies. Acceptance of what we have experienced transforms our present and brings greater clarity and meaning to our way forward.

Astrological Movements During Cancer Season

The coming weeks are filled with easeful movements and safe spaces that invite you forward. It is about deep feelings and sacred moments with yourself and your chosen people. It is a time of reparenting, soul-tending, and quiet introspection. Following are some of the most influential transits taking place during Cancer season.

Sun enters Cancer: June 20, 2024

Capricorn full Moon: June 21, 2024

Saturn retrograde: June 29, 2024

Neptune retrograde: July 2, 2024

Mercury enters Leo: July 2, 2024

Mercury opposite Pluto: July 3, 2024

Cancer new Moon: July 5, 2024

Venus enters Leo: June 11, 2024

Venus opposite Pluto: June 12, 2024

Mars conjunct Uranus: July 15, 2024

Mars enters Gemini: July 20, 2024

Capricorn Full Moon: July 21, 2024

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What Cancer Season 2024 Means for You

As the Sun is carried by the tides of Cancer throughout the next month, it also travels through the area of your chart that Cancer exists within. By looking to your rising sign, you can begin to understand the unique whispers, directions, and invitations of Cancer based on your own astrology chart.

Aries Rising

This season invites you to slow down. To soften your fires and tend to yourself with compassion. To embrace the value in introspection. To understand that emotions can bring you closer to yourself and to life itself.

Explore the very core of yourself—the inner patterns, memories, and energies that you have gathered and stored throughout your formative years and beyond. Observe how they seem to color, shape, and express themselves outwardly into your current experiences. Tending to your past with love and compassion also means tending to your present and future.

Taurus Rising

It’s a season where you will be reshaping the mind—and all that lives within it—through compassion and insight. Where using your voice seems to move energy and liberate emotion. Where sharing your voice or journaling in private becomes a mirror for you to observe all that has been living within you, waiting for awareness, ready to be seen.

Cancer season brings you deep into your emotional body and the roots of who you are and all that you have been. It is throughout these weeks that your mind becomes a doorway into those spaces and your voice becomes the medicine. We heal through conversations–with ourselves, with our trusted people, with a journal, and with life.

Gemini Rising

Welcome to the world of emotion, a shift from your realm of quick thinking and light airy movements. Cancer slows you. It invites you to explore a space that objectively holds no question in value—your inner worth. Yet objectivity isn’t where Cancer season travels.

Do you feel worthy? Of love? Of goodness? Of belonging? Not just in your mind, but in your body and in your heart? The coming weeks can help you remember that you deserve goodness in your life. It’s a reminder that acts as medicine for whatever it touches.

Cancer Rising

Welcome to your space, your vibe, and your atmosphere. It’s a time to reconnect to yourself as well as the person you are becoming. It’s a time to observe your shifting identity and beliefs, your changing desires and ways you see yourself. It’s been 12 months since the Sun last felt the influence of your sign. How have you changed since then? What is birthing in you and through you? How can you create a safe space for yourself to emerge—and, perhaps, even surprise yourself?

As the Sun shines in your sign, it brings to light all that has been waiting beneath the surface in you, now ready to come alive. Celebrate who you have been and who you are becoming.

Leo Rising

Cancer season invites a sacred retreat into yourself. It is a season to close any doors that no longer need to be open, leave any spaces that no longer nurture you, and tune out of any noise that adds no value. It’s also a time to create a space of peace, spaciousness, introspection, and quiet. It’s a time to release, clearing, forgiving, and letting go. And it’s also about finalizing this chapter of our lives that will soon come to an end before beginning again in the light of Leo next month.

This is a time when intuition heightens and emotions clarify. There is much to be brought into your awareness as you create space for these whispers.

Virgo Rising

Emotions hold within them information. Emotions hold within them hopes, desires, directions, and guidance. Emotions mirror what matters to you. And what matters to you—what you care about—matters.

This time invites a spaciousness to allow for the vast information within your emotions to be heard and seen. It invites your intuition to become louder, connecting you to what is opening in your life and what is drawing you forward. And it invites you to step back and observe the interconnectedness of all life and the sacredness in interdependence and collaboration. What you care about matters. And what calls you forward opens a path not only for you but for all that lives beyond you. We all feed into this living, breathing body that is the collective. Open a door and you open it for us all.

Libra Rising

Cancer invites you to connect with what really matters to you. It reminds you that as you tend to ourselves, the more you can offer yourself in life. The more you tend to yourself, the more you can tend to what matters to you and build what is sacred and meaningful to you. The more creativity, energy, and time you can channel into what you are intentionally building. You are the instrument through which your dreams move into the world. You are the bridge. You matter in this process. When you live in your emotional currents, what matters to you?

Scorpio Rising

This time is an invitation to be held by the currents of something vaster than yourself. To let the river take you where it will. Life is always speaking to you, revealing vaster truths and deep wisdom of what this human experience means for you. This season, it is through your emotional tides that life is speaking with you. It is through opening up to life and letting more of it in.

Allow yourself space to ponder on the bigger questions. Why are we here? Why are you here? What is your meaning? What is your purpose? Feel your way through these spaces with your emotions and intuition, letting it open you wider to all that is speaking to you.

Sagittarius Rising

This time takes you deep into your body. It’s as if you’re traveling through the spaces and shadows of yourself with a lantern, shining a light on all that exists within you. It is a season of meeting yourself in new ways—the parts of yourself you are aware of and in communication with, and the parts of you that you have yet to meet and welcome. This season is a cracking open through allowing and feeling. It is transformation through surrender and letting emotion move through you. It’s a rebirthing through discovering more of yourself. You are journeying through unconscious memories and emotions stored beneath the surface. Allow safety, compassion, and tenderness toward yourself.

Capricorn Rising

As the Sun makes its way through Cancer, it moves through your opposite sign—both opposite to you and also the way into yourself. Part of the magic in building a tangible reality is connecting to the meaning imbued in your process of building. This season invites you to descend into your inner waters and be replenished by the meaning that exists within you.

The season invites connection, love, and partnership—to allow others to see you and you them. It invites others to be your mirror. What are you ready to see, remember, and bring into the light of consciousness? It invites the kind of healing that comes through being with our favourite people, the way they seem to hold the very medicine we need.

Aquarius Rising

Your days can be your medicine, if you allow them to be. The offerings you give yourself in the mornings. The movements, thoughts, actions, and people you allow into your days. Create space in your days. Create intention and healing in your days. The way you bring it all to a close as the night draws you in.

Bring moments into your day that are filled with medicine, that allow you to offer and receive what you most need. Allow your habits, rituals, and practices that support you to support you. It’s about tending to yourself this season, and bringing into your life the structures and choices that allow you to do so.

Pisces Rising

What is in your heart and how could it be anything but art? Cancer helps you connect with your emotions and allow them to inspire you. To feel in a way that opens you to the ever moving flow of creativity wanting to express through you. It’s a season of connecting to your inner child and letting them remind you of the healing found in play. When you play, life moves through you— stagnant emotions can clear, stories can shifted, and what is yours to express and create can move through you.

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